Aswar, 27.

Mohammad Golam Aswar Rahman (Bangla: আসওয়ার রহমান, born March 14, 1994) is a Bangladeshi-American filmmaker and designer based in Minnesota.



8 feature films made, countless smaller projects, and more on the way.


Graduated from the University of Minnesota at the age of 16, with a Bachelors of Arts in History.

Over $10 million worth of impactful communication.

Aswar’s work with Presidential and Congressional campaigns, Ivy League initiatives, and national nonprofits have achieved an estimated 1.3 billion impressions so far. At standard advertising rates, this reach is valued at well over $10 million.

Driven by what's needed most.

I want to be where the need is.


Brought to America at the age of 6 by my mother for a new life and good education.


Graduated from the University of Minnesota at the age of 16, with a BA in History.


Created eight feature films with the Cineapolis independent film collective.


After the Trump election, put filmmaking on hold to run for office.


Helped the Democratic Party win back the House of Representatives and the White House.


Working to help pass the For the People Act, the largest pro-democracy bill in US history, then returning to filmmaking.

Upcoming Creative Project: "Pigseye: Campus"

An interwoven tale of power, obsession, and crime at a prestigious university.

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