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Aswar Rahman

About me

I was born in Bangladesh in 1994.
My mother brought me to America when I was six.
I grew up in Northeast Minneapolis, in an immigrant working-class neighborhood near the Mississippi River.
At 16, I dropped out of high school.
At 17, I became an American citizen.
At 19, I started my filmmaking business.
At 21, I started my web development business.
At 22, I ran for Mayor of Minneapolis.
At 23, I starred in Bravo’s Welcome to Waverly.
Now, at 24, I am directing the digital strategy in the most important Congressional race in America.

In 2019, I’ll be traveling to all state capitals in the continental United States for a special task, and I’ve got some exciting things lined up right after that, too.


Bravo’s four-part series, Welcome to Waverly, is going to premiere over four consecutive nights in October. So I’m renting out the St. Anthony Main Theatre in Minneapolis — come watch it with me!

Monday, Oct 22nd, 9p-10p (Premiere)
Tuesday, Oct 23rd, 9p-10p
Wednesday, Oct 24th, 9p-10p
Thursday, Oct 25th, 9p-10p (Finale)

At the St. Anthony Main Theatre.
Doors open thirty minutes prior.
Free admission.