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My name is Aswar.

Pronounced “Ahz-waar.”

It means “horse warrior” in Persian, though my family speaks Bengali. 

My mother’s mother gave the name for “elephant warrior” to my older brother, so it was only natural.

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I was born on March 14, 1994, to a military family in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My earliest years were all spent in the community of the Bangladesh Army.
The government of Bangladesh is deeply corrupt, with only the military considered incorruptible.
Growing up, I saw closely the human impact of bad administration, and the need for discipline and patriotism to set things right. 



My mother brought me to America when I was six.

I grew up in Northeast Minneapolis, in an immigrant working-class neighborhood near the Mississippi River.

At 16, I dropped out of high school.

At 17, I became an American citizen.

At 19, I started my filmmaking business.

At 21, I started my web development business.

At 22, I ran for Mayor of Minneapolis.

At 23, Bravo sent me to Kansas for Welcome to Waverly.

Now, at 24, I am directing the digital strategy in the most important Congressional race in America.

In 2019, I’ll be traveling to all state capitals in the continental United States for a special task, and I’ve got some exciting things lined up right after that, too.