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DEMOCRATIC Digital Director


I help Democratic political campaigns win by creating and executing custom digital strategies.

My team of data specialists and I start by acquiring and analyzing in-depth constituent data to make comprehensive target-content strategies. Then — unlike anyone else in the field — I leverage my background in filmmaking and design to lead a team of artists who create that content. All content is then tested using innovative UX user testing methods and then, in what should make every Finance Director very happy, I provide the most cost-effective digital distribution routes by combining real-time programmatic advertising, direct advertising relationships, and, of course, walled garden venues like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. At the end of every round of research, development, and distribution, I provide thorough, no-holds-barred reports on what worked, what didn’t, what more should be done, and what should be left out.

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2019 and 2020 will be pivotal years in digital campaigning, and my personal mission is to make this coming digital transformation as beneficial to Democrats as possible. The US Senate 2020 plan applies a complex, multi-pronged strategy to the four key 2020 Senate races: Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina. Cobalt provides a state-of-the-art low-maintenance digital package to all Democratic campaigns nationwide, free of charge.

If you are involved in a 2020 Senate race and would like to know more about the strategy, contact me.
If you are involved in any 2020 Democratic campaign and would like access to the Cobalt package, use this form.