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I am the son of Salveen, who was married off at the age of 13 in Bangladesh, worked her way to freedom, re-married, had me, left that abusive marriage and brought me to America at the age of 6. I was raised in Northeast Minneapolis, where I was taught the three most important values in life: be grateful, work hard, and take responsibility, not just for your own actions but also the condition of the world around you. 

I left high school at 16 to take the financial pressure off my mom (though she would never ask for it) and managed to graduate from the University of Minnesota just three years later at 19. At 20, I started my web development and videography services. At 22, in response to the Trump election, I closed my businesses to run for Mayor of Minneapolis, ultimately throwing my support behind the eventual winner, now Mayor Jacob Frey. At 23, I was nationally broadcast on Bravo’s four-episode special series Welcome to Waverly. I am now 24, having just finished as the Digital Director for Congressman Dean Phillip’s first race in what was recognized as one of the most innovative campaign in 2018.

In what free time I have, I love reading biographies, general histories and magazines on world affairs, watching dramatic movies and — of course — the Office. In music, I’m a big fan of R&B, rap, and indie rock, with my recent favorites being Isaiah Rashad, Summer Walker, SiR, and Rayana Jay, though the Strokes, the Arctic Monkeys and Outkast have a special place in my musical heart. To be honest, though, I’ve got one of those minds that loves to work and solve problems, so even on off-days, you’ll probably find my in some coffee shop playing around with spreadsheets and megaplans, all for fun.

I’m passionate about the Democratic cause and the well-being of this America I love. If you are too, and want to connect, contact me!