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The Congressional Video Service is a cost-effective, visually appealing, and modern method for United States Senators and Representatives to communicate important developments and experiences with their constituents. Here’s how it works: 

• Once every two weeks, the Congressperson’s staff generates a script 100-600 words in length, capturing the most important things that the district’s constituents should know. This can include updates on critical votes, notable experiences, a preview of the coming days in Congress, or any other message that serves the goals of the office.

• The script is loaded onto a specialized teleprompter by me, so the Congressperson does not need to memorize what to say.

• The once-every-two-weeks shoot takes place in the Congressperson’s office, using a double-lens camera, portable LED lights, and lavaliere microphones. The shoot should take no more than ten minutes of the Congressperson’s time. Setup for the shoot may take up to thirty minutes. Teardown and cleanup may take up to twenty minutes. Therefore, each shoot may take between thirty minutes to a full hour.

• The video footage is professionally edited with B-roll footage taken in the Congressperson’s office. This B-roll is captured all at once in a recording session that takes place as soon as possible after an agreement between me and the Congressperson’s office. If certain videos call for it, B-roll may be added from smartphone footage provided to me by the campaign staff.

•The video is fully subtitled for social media effectiveness. 

Within 48 hours, a completed draft of the Congressperson’s video is sent to their office for review. The office may request up to two full scale revisions to the video, to be performed as soon as possible. Finished videos will be published in HD 16:9 widescreen format, to allow for maximum compatibility. All video drafts, revisions, and final versions will be securely stored for future access and use by the Congressional office.

$15,000/year — 24 videos @ $500 each, plus $1000 for B-Roll Capture, $1000 for equipment and storage expenses, and $1000 towards travel and transport. The contract is pre-paid quarterly.

For more details, contact me!